The Elephant Trail

Whilst visiting Leamington Spa you could take a walk down the River Leam following a heritage trail that encompasses the quirky tale of the Elephant Walk. Legend has it that Samual Lockhart (1851-1933) a famous elephant trainer, bought his Heighler's Equestrian Circus to Leamington Spa after working in Sri Lanka on tea plantations. He travelled all over the U.K performing for Queen Victoria and performing alongside the Ringling Brothers from 1896 to 1901 in the USA. Whilst in Leamington Spa the elephants were walked through the town, down to the river Leam to wash and water. Leamington Spa now has several areas named after his most famous group of elephants "The Three Graces" Wilhelmina and two younger elephants, Trilby and Haddie. Samual Lockhart worked alongside his brother George, who also helped to train the elephants. George was unfortunately killed by two of his elephants, Salt and Sauce when they stampeded. They continued to be worked by various people including Dudley zoo, these elephants also went on to perform in the film "Elephant Boy" and be featured in many books which include "Elephants in Royal Leamington Spa" by Janet Storrie.